People Products

Local Pastured Meat & Eggs

Trickling Springs Creamery Non-homogenized Milk, Raw Milk Cheese, Yogurt, Butter, and Ice Cream from Grass-Fed Jersey Cows

Organic Beans & Grains

Organic Herbs & Spices

Local Honey
Black Dog Coffee

Organic Tea

Heirloom Kitchen Homemade Soup, Focaccia, Lasagna, Hummus and Baked Goods

Mackintosh Fruit and Berry Farm Produce

Wild-Caught Fish

GT’s Kombucha

Tinker’s Toffee

New Chapter & Megafood Supplements

Greenbrier Herbalist

Pottery, Art, Candles and CD’s from Local Artists

Magnetic Jewelry by Bernice Adkins in Winchester

Handmade Soap from Liz Soaps in Winchester

Zum Laundry and Soap Products

Flower Essences

Essential Oils

Homeopathic Remedies

Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Beauty Products

Natural Infant Products

Toats Friendly O’s ~ Organic snack for people, dogs, and horses