Sammy Snacks

Do all ingredients in the pet food including vitamins and minerals originate from U.S. sources? If no, what ingredients from what country? All of our ingredients are from the U.S. (except lamb meal is from New Zealand) and are tested in the U.S.

Do the meat meal ingredients such as chicken meal include bones and internal organs? No, they are made from deboned meat

What is the preservative used by your supplier for fish meal? Not the preservative you use, I would like to know what preservative is used by the supplier of your fish meal.  Our Fish meal is from the U.S. and is preserved with vitamin C

Are the meat ingredients human grade/quality or pet grade/quality? Human Grade

What is the shelf life of your foods? 1 year

Where are your foods made? Do you have your own manufacturing facility? If not, who makes your foods?  Treat Bakery: We own the facility.  Food: Texas Farm Products

Does this manufacturing plant have any special certifications to assure the safety of the food?  AIB

Do your canned foods have a BPA lining? We don’t make canned food