Orijen – Champion Pet Foods

Thank you for your email and your questions.  First I would like to give you a little bit of background about our company.

Unlike the marketing companies and multinationals that sell but don’t actually make today’s pet foods, we are a family owned and operated pet food maker with a 25 year tradition of quality and a mission that is simple and clear. Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients produced exclusively in our award winning facilities here in Alberta, Canada.  Our products are never made or packaged in a factory other than our own.

1. There are no ingredients from China used in the preparation of our dog and cat food formulas, including vitamins — we are 100% China-free.  Our production focus is on FRESH INGREDIENTS supplied regionally and all of our products are made exclusively within our own award-winning factory here in Alberta, Canada.  And rest assured, our products are biologically appropriate, the way Mother Nature intended.

2. Chicken meal is made from chicken, clean flesh and skin, including bone and cartilage but exclusive of feathers, heads, feet scales and entrails etc..  All ingredients are passed as fit for human consumption and processed exclusively in human grade facilities (no flushing, no3-D animal parts permitted on premises).

3. Our fish meats arrive FRESH; which means they are never frozen and have no preservatives what so ever.  We work directly with our fish suppliers and pay them a premium to have fish meals preserved naturally with Vitamin E and Rosemary extract instead of the commonly used ethoxyquin preservative.

4. All of our meat ingredients are human grade.

5. The best before date is printed on the back of the bag at the top of the package. We mark our bags DAY MONTH YEAR.  From the time the food leaves our factory, there is a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 15 months until expiry.

6. Our products are made in our manufacturing facility in Morinville, Alberta, Canada.

7. All of our meats are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A).  Our product meets or exceeds AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).  We do not make a canned food.