1. Do all ingredients in the pet food including vitamins and minerals originate from U.S. sources? If no, what ingredients from what country?  All main ingredients are from Canada and the US. The vitamin D3 comes from Germany or France, chondroitin sulfate from the US, other vitamin and minerals come from Canadian and US suppliers.
  2. Do the meat meal ingredients such as chicken meal include bones and internal organs?  There will be (some) bones but not internal organs.
  3. What is the preservative used by your supplier for fish meal? Not the preservative you use, I would like to know what preservative is used by the supplier of your fish meal.  It is a natural preservative that uses a combination of mixed tocopherols and rosemary. The name of it is Dadex RM.
  4. Are the meat ingredients human grade/quality or pet grade/quality?  Human-grade fresh meats.
  5. What is the shelf life of your foods?  15 months from time of manufacture (provided the bag does not get punctured or cut).
  6. Where are your foods made? Do you have your own manufacturing facility? If not, who makes your foods?  We manufacture all of our own products at our own production facility in the beautiful Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  7. Does this manufacturing plant have any special certifications to assure the safety of the food?  We are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) whom also inspects and regulates on behalf of the USDA; and they also inspect and regulate all food manufactures in Canada.
  8. Do your canned foods have a BPA lining?  We don’t manufacture canned foods.