Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets, LLC

Our Beginnings

My golden retriever’s cancer in 1998 was the catalyst for changing to a natural, non-toxic lifestyle and improved nutrition for my family and pets.

When my sweet Midas Touch Missy Muffet was diagnosed with bone cancer, the prognosis was devastating.  We could expect to have her in our lives for only three to four months.  Not ready to give up on my smiling golden girl, I began researching holistic alternatives to compliment her traditional treatment.  With the help of flower essences for emotional health, homeopathy, nutritional support and herbal remedies, Missy remained a part of our lives for ten months after her initial diagnosis.

In 1999 Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets, LLC was opened in memory of Missy to provide pet owners healthy nutrition choices and natural alternatives to chemical based products.  Education has been an important component of our business.  Seminars by renowned experts Dr. Christina Chambreau, Dr. Carol Lundquist, animal nutritionist Jennifer Boniface (who later developed Aunt Jeni’s Homemade 4 Life pet food) and others have enabled hundreds of attendees to objectively evaluate their pets’ diet, vaccine protocol, and topical chemical applications.

Our store in Berryville, Virginia is filled with healthy treats and food, supplements, natural grooming supplies, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, flower essences, our own free-range eggs and some pleasant surprises like local pottery and hand made soap.  We specialize in and recommend raw food for dogs and cats so you will find one of the widest varieties of frozen, freeze dried and dehydrated raw diets in the area.  Our knowledgeable staff are available to help you choose the right products for your pet and we are available by phone or email for any questions you may have.

Jo Bighouse