My Peaceable Kingdom

Today is the first posting of my new blog.  Many of you have enjoyed the Midas Touch free range eggs.  Now you can meet the “girls” who have brought you those tasty eggs in the bright pink cartons.  The chickens are part of my Peaceable Kingdom of horses, donkeys, geese, guinea fowl, dogs and cats on my Berryville farmstead. 

Each morning, before I head out for the Midas Touch store, I have the pleasure of feeding and caring for my animal friends.  The chickens, geese and guineas are let out to forage in the pasture. 

The horses – 29 year old Trinken, 34 year old Holly and 38 year old Sassy are given their breakfast.  The donkeys, Jill and her son Magic, are given just enough food to keep them distracted while the horses are fed.  Those two think they are deprived no matter how much food I offer so tough love is needed to keep them at a healthy weight. 

The dogs, Golden Retrievers Buffy, Ginger, Sara, Maggie, and German Shepherd Gustof are served a raw meat meal which they enthusiastically devour.

The cats Smokey, Tigger, Gracie, Sammy, Pooh and our newest addition Boots are given their breakfast of Rad Cat raw food.  Boots was rescued by his guardian angel Geo Derick and became part of our family just a few weeks ago.  His story and the selfless actions of Geo will be the subject of our next blog post. 

What a wonderful fall day.  It’s time for a walk with Gustof  where we will enjoy the colors of the leaves and the view of the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains.

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