Boots the Lucky Kitty

Yesterday I promised to tell you the story of how Boots, my newest cat, arrived at my home.  It is both a sad and uplifting story.  Geo Derick, a wonderful medical herbalist in Berryville, told me about a cat that showed up at her house.   

He was shy and appeared to have been on his own for some time.  Geo was very concerned about him but he did not respond to any of her attempts to approach him.  Then one day he came in to her house through her cat door and joined her own cats on the sofa.  But when she approached him he ran back out the door and eluded all her attempts to befriend him.  Geo noticed that he was walking with difficulty and realized that his front leg was caught in a collar that was wrapped around his body. 

Geo tried repeatedly to entice the little fellow into her home and after a few sleepless nights of worry decided the best course of action was to put out a humane trap.  He eluded her a few times but eventually went into the trap that was baited with tasty food and a catnip-filled sock.  When Geo was able to look at him closely she realized the collar was actually imbedded into his skin.  She immediately took him to a veterinarian for medical care.  The collar was surgically removed and, although he was emaciated from the amount of time he had to fend for himself and traumatized by the constriction of the collar, he was found to be in fairly good health.

When I heard the story of this little trooper and the generous efforts of Geo I was so moved I asked if I could adopt him.  So, a few weeks ago he joined my Peaceable Kingdom and became Boots – our newest little feline friend.  As each day passes Boots is gaining weight and confidence.  Our nightly snuggling ritual is something we both look forward to. His ribs and vertebra, which I could easily feel and see just a couple weeks ago, are slowly diminishing as he is steadily gaining weight. 
Gracie & Sammy
The other cats are not quite sure what to make of him.  And as he is feeling better he is testing out his strength by trying to terrorize the original feline residents.  But I’m sure that with flower essences, plug-in pheromones and time we will all work this out. 

Boots and I are both thankful for Geo, his Guardian Angel, who saved him from a tortuous fate from the constrictions of the collar.  Please share this story.  If you put a collar on your cat make sure it has a break away safety feature.  Don’t doom your feline friend to a fate of strangulation or slow death from a collar embedded in his skin. 

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