Buffy 3/1/00 – 2/6/12

Today I said goodbye to my golden retriever Midas Touch At Your Service, known to her friends as Buffy. She began showing symptoms of illness a week ago but with the stoic nature of goldens I imagine her illness has been progressing for a while without me realizing it.

Buffy was the matriarch of our little golden family.  The three younger girls always deferred to her. They would lie in front of her whenever they wanted a gentle face wash and Buffy always obliged. This morning Maggie tried desperately to have Buffy care for her: wagging her tail, rolling in front of her face and trying every submissive gesture she knew. She didn’t understand why her fail safe techniques of the past did not reward her with attention from her friend this time.  Poor Buffy was just not up to caring for others today.

Ginger, Buffy’s daughter, was especially attentive to her mother the past week. She checked on her often and yesterday spent most of the day either laying by her or sitting on her bed. Everyone seemed to realize that Buffy was not well. When I returned from the vet’s office alone this morning there was an unusual calm among all the dogs.

I sent Buffy on her final journey with a request to give my love to her mother, Murphy and her sister Lady who each left us a few years ago. I have no doubt there is a joyous reunion in heaven as I type this.

Buffy’s legacy lives on with all her puppies who are now service assistance dogs for Paws With A Cause.  She was a special girl and will be deeply missed.

2 comments to Buffy 3/1/00 – 2/6/12

  • Jo, I somehow missed this post about Buffy. I’m so very sorry…I know how embedded within your life she was, and how much she meant to you. I also know the ache your heart is feeling now that she’s gone. While I know that nothing I could say could ease pain of her loss, as you well know, even though she’s gone, Buffy is really not that far away because she lives on in your heart. I know you’ll never entirely get over losing her, but I hope you find comfort in all your memories of her that can never be taken away…I also know she’ll be waiting for you at the Bridge with ‘your other girls’ who you know were waiting for her.

  • Thank you Kim. It never gets any easier – as you know all too well.