Contaminated Food

Why have I chosen to remove all China-imported ingredients from Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets?  In 2007 melamine from China resulted in thousands of dog and cat deaths.  In 2008 melamine in infant formula killed or sickened thousands of children.  And it appears that China ingredients are no safer today.  Chicken jerky dog treats from China, which remain on store shelves as I write this, have been linked to hundreds of dog’s illness and some deaths. And China import refusal records by the FDA reveal that 214 products were refused entry into the United States in February, 2012 alone. 
The products refused entry include pet food, shortbread cookies, fish, vegetables, tofu, and fruit and the violations ranged from filthy to poisonous.  Consider the fact the FDA can inspect only about 2% of the imports and they refused 214 products.  How safe are the approximately 98% of the imports that entered our food supply without inspection?
Check out our web site for the list of contaminated food from China that has been refused entry into the United States.

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  • Jo, I’ve just read your last 3 posts. You’ve given a lot of great information, and I appreciate that you’ve done so much research on a topic that has been on my mind and a concern for some time. I’ve worried about ingredients from China being in more than just the treats, but no one seems to be able to tell me if they are–But you’ve done just that, and I cannot thank-you enough for it. I hope you won’t mind if I pass on the link to your blog to a few others who I know will also benefit from all your research. THANK YOU!! I hope you are doing well!!!