Sassy 1974 – 2012

Today I said a sad goodbye to Sassy, our sweet Arabian horse.  She has been a wonderful companion for so many years.  She helped my daughter learn to ride and was always so patient and kind.  As she aged she lost most of her sight and hearing but she continued to enjoy life to the end. 

Neck rubs were her favorite thing in the world.  After each one she would show her appreciation by rubbing her head all over us until it was difficult to stand still.  Sometimes we would have to ask her to curb her exuberance so we wouldn’t get knocked over.

As we waited for Dr. Joyce today Sassy seemed to take comfort in my presence.  She was not able to stand so I sat beside her and put her big beautiful head on my lap.  I stroked her face and told her how much she was loved and sent her to heaven with a promise to see her again some day.

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