Midas The Store Cat

When I moved Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets to my home this week I had to make new accommodations for our store cat Midas.  He is FIV positive and has been living as the only cat in the original store since showing up as a stray a couple years ago.  I cannot bring him inside to mingle with my house cats because of the risk of spreading the disease so I thought he could enjoy life as a barn cat.

On Sunday evening I brought him home and set him up with a comfortable bed, food, water and toys in the barn.  The next morning I came bearing gifts of treats and new toys only to find that he was missing.  Frantically I searched the barn and the pasture to no avail.  I had to finally admit the search was fruitless so I returned to the house.  Guess who was sitting on the front porch patiently waiting for his breakfast?

So I am happy to report that Midas will continue to be the official greeter for Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets.  He has chosen the front porch as his new home so we will fix that up as Midas’ palace.  Apparently he won’t have it any other way.

You expect me to live with farm animals?  I don’t think so.

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