The Adventures of Lily and Nutmeg

To say the newest additions to the farm are busy would be an understatement.  Each day we spend time walking through the field together and today I decided to bring a camera with me to capture some of their antics. It didn’t take long. For the first time they discovered the ramp into the chicken house and scampered in with me hot on their trail.  Lily discovered she really doesn’t like chicken feed while Nutmeg was jumping on me with his usual exuberance.

Once we got back out in the field the twins began their grazing so I decided to get some pictures when they were not so naughty.  Holly had different ideas.  She decided it was her turn for attention and each time I lined up a shot she stepped in.

Excuse me Holly, step back just a little please.
OK, now I think you are doing this on purpose.
 After our walk I decided to sit in the lawn chair and enjoy the evening while the animals grazed.  Lily had other ideas.

Hey, Nutmeg, watch this!

I took Mom’s chair!

No Holly.  There are just some things the goats are allowed to do that you can’t.  Sorry girl.



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