Buyer Beware

Do you remember the massive pet food recall in 2007 because of melamine that killed and sickened thousands of pets?  Do you remember the melamine in baby formula in 2008 that sickened thousands of babies in China and caused irreparable harm to their kidneys?  Do you think that after such horrendous incidents there are enough safety precautions in place that we no longer have to be concerned about melamine in the food supply?  If so, you would be wrong.

Melamine is not a food substance.  It is a chemical used in plastic manufacturing that has been intentionally added to products in China to artificially boost the protein analysis.  If it doesn’t kill you, it will seriously injure your kidneys. 

I have been tracking the FDA import refusals from China since February of this year.  The number of refusals is staggering and the reasons are disturbing.  Food has been refused because it is filthy, decomposed, poisonous, organics containing pesticides, and fish testing positive for unapproved vet drugs.  For this post I’ll tell you just about the melamine. 

Here are the foods that were refused entry into the United Sates in the last six months because of melamine contamination.  Keep in mind the FDA inspects only about 2% of the imports.  So I believe it is safe to assume that some melamine contaminated food is on store shelves as I write this.

2/21/12   Manggong Biscuite – Melamine; Poisonous
2/9/12     Isolated Soybean Protein – Melamine; Poisonous
2/9/12     Dog Food – Melamine; Poisonous
3/27/12   Chocolate – Melamine
3/26/12   Guinea Pig Treat – Filthy; Melamine; Poisonous
3/26/12   Rabbit Carrot Treat – Filthy; Melamine; Poisonous
3/26/12   Quiche Lorrain Small Animal Treat – Filthy; Melamine; Poisonous
3/13/12   Chicken Tenders – Melamine; Poisonous
3/13/12   Bull Pizzles – Melamine; Poisonous
3/1/12    Shortbread Butter Cookies – Melamine; Poisonous
3/1/12    Sesame Cookie Rolls – Melamine; Poisonous
4/23/12  Isolated Soy Protein – Melamine
4/13/12  Pet Chews – Filthy; Melamine – Poisonous
4/2/12    Ice Cream – Melamine; Poisonous; Unfit4Food
4/2/12    Hawthorne Cake – Melamine; Poisonous; Unfit4Food
5/15/12  Breadcrumbs – Melamine, Poisonous
6/27/12  Organic Soybean Cake Meal – Melamine, Poisonous
6/22/12  Dried Baking Powder – Melamine, Adulteration
6/20/12  Antistaling Agent (Used in food production) – Melamine,
6/13/12  Biscuit, Kraft Foods – Melamine
6/13/12  Biscuit, Nabisco – Melamine
7/20/12  Hot Chocolate – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/19/12  Chocolate – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/18/12  Cracker – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/12/12  Sugar Free Soybean Drink Powder – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/12/12  Vegetable Biscuit – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/12/12  Wheat Cracker – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/10/12  Pea Protein Pg Feed Grade – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration
7/6/12    Fried Round Gluten – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulterated
7/5/12    Coconut Milk Flavor Crispy – Melamine, Poisonous, Adulteration

And if you think you can avoid products from China by reading the labels, it’s not that easy.  If a products is made in the United States with materials from China you will not see any indication of it on the label.

Gives a whole new perspective on Buy Fresh Buy Local doesn’t it?

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