More Adventures of Lily and Nutmeg

Today Lily and Nutmeg spent the day in the backyard.  Although they had the entire area to graze and play, they preferred staying on the back porch with the goldens.
Lily used the chairs to get closer to the goldens
Sara enjoyed the company
Can we come in and play?

Earlier this week I took some house plants outside to freshen them up.  Hindsight is 20-20.  Houseplants and goats together on the porch are not a good combination.

This was a lush tropical plant yesterday

When Gustof joined the fun the goats decided to go back into the yard.  Gustof doesn’t seem to know if he should guard his little herd or play with them.  Today Nutmeg tried to play with him like he was a goat.  And Gustof returned the favor by trying to share a stick with Nutmeg.

Don’t worry Lily, I’ve got your back

What do you find so good about this stuff?

Do you want to play Nutmeg?

This is how goats play, watch your head!

I have a better idea, let’s play with this stick instead

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