An Inspiring Story

January First is always a time for reflection.  In 2012 I experienced many blessings and some heartbreaks.  Both of my children married wonderful people- a wonderful blessing for us all. The great friends I have made through my store continue to support me and add so much to my life.  I said goodbye to some good friends – Sassy my sweet pony who left this earth with her head on my lap, Sara my devoted golden who went to the Rainbow Bridge so suddenly, and Buffy the mother to my sweet Ginger who was always calm and steadfast – even at the end.  I closed my store on Main Street in Berryville and moved everything to my home to create a part time shop on Saturdays.  Not quite what I imagined when I opened the store 6 years ago but I have now met a wonderful group of people at my new job at Jakobsen and Bowe, for which I am so thankful. My little goat friends, Lily and Nutmeg joined my Peaceable Kingdom in the fall and have brought so much joy and laughter.

And today I received a special gift.  An update from the “parents” of my former foster dog Abby that is so uplifting.  Abby arrived at my home as a very frightened young Golden-Doodle a few years ago.  She seemed to want affection but was so afraid.  Her first few days were spent hugging the walls and hiding behind furniture.  She did eventually come out to join my goldens and seemed more relaxed in the group – Sweet Sara,  Buffy, Ginger and Murphy all helped her adjust.  But her terror from whatever she experienced in the past just would not let her completely trust her new human friend.

In all my years of fostering for Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training ( there have been only three who I thought I should bring into my family.  Most of the goldens were so typical of the breed – “I’m happy, what’s next!”  and I knew they would be fine with their new families.  But there have been three that seemed so damaged by human beings in their past that they touched my soul.  Abby was one of those.  But before I completed the paperwork to adopt Abby two angels came forward who wanted her to join their family.  (I did adopt the other two.) And today I received this wonderful email they have agree I can share:

Wanted to send you an update on Abby! She is a big love bug! Funny thing is that she never became really comfortable with her surroundings until this year when she had a big medical setback! Three years ago she had come down with Glaucoma in one eye and after much specialty treatment she lost her right eye but there was no difference in her. And then this year without warning she walked into a wall head on and could not see much at all out of her good left eye! Off to the specialist to find she had the same thing in the one good eye…Treatment did not work and she lost the second eye! The first 4 days after surgery we didn’t know if we did the right thing as she never left her bed!!! On the 5th day she came out of her shell and has been more active without eyes than she was with eyes! She can’t see her fear anymore! She has no fear at all anymore and if you didn’t know you would never know she had no eyes! Her eye specialist asked us if we were going to euthanize her and if so would we let her adopt her! No deal, she is our girl and would be coming home with us leaving the eyes behind! Other than the eyes she is great and runs the house!

Foster Girl Abby with my Ginger
Foster Girl Abby getting her bath at my house
Abby Today – One Special and Lucky Girl!

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