Contaminated Food

Why have I chosen to remove all China-imported ingredients from Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets?  In 2007 melamine from China resulted in thousands of dog and cat deaths.  In 2008 melamine in infant formula killed or sickened thousands of children.  And it appears that China ingredients are no safer today.  Chicken jerky dog treats from […]

China-Import-Free Project

Our China-Import-Free Project is moving right along.  A number of pet food companies have let me know that some of their raw material does come from China so we have pulled their products from our shelves.  I appreciate the transperancy of these companies and their willingness to communicate with me honestly and directly.

The manufacturers of […]

Ingredients from China in Pet Food

When I choose the pet food to sell at Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets I look for quality ingredients, products manufactured in the USA or Canada, and fish meal that is free of the chemical preservative ethoxyquin.  In light of the dog deaths and illnesses over the last five years that have been linked to the chicken jerky treats […]

New Pet Beds Made in USA

We have added a nice line of handcrafted, washable pet beds from Mutts and Mittens.   

The sack beds feature a cushioned fleece bed with a colorful fabric top sheet that your dog or cat can crawl under. The fleece bed is double stitched with fleece on one side and soft felt fabric on the other […]

Verus Pet Food Sale

We now have Verus pet food and it is on sale at 20% off. For a list of all of our pet food and links to the manufacturer’s web sites visit our Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets website. […]

Chicken Dog Treat Warning

In January of 2009 I passed along this article from the Washington Post regarding chicken jerky dog treats: “The Food and Drug Administration continues to caution consumers about a potential connection between dogs becoming ill and the consumption of chicken jerky products (also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats) imported from China. The FDA […]