An Inspiring Story

January First is always a time for reflection.  In 2012 I experienced many blessings and some heartbreaks.  Both of my children married wonderful people- a wonderful blessing for us all. The great friends I have made through my store continue to support me and add so much to my life.  I said goodbye to some […]

More Adventures of Lily and Nutmeg

Today Lily and Nutmeg spent the day in the backyard.  Although they had the entire area to graze and play, they preferred staying on the back porch with the goldens. Lily used the chairs to get closer to the goldens Sara enjoyed the company Can we come in and play?

Earlier this week I […]

Buyer Beware

Do you remember the massive pet food recall in 2007 because of melamine that killed and sickened thousands of pets?  Do you remember the melamine in baby formula in 2008 that sickened thousands of babies in China and caused irreparable harm to their kidneys?  Do you think that after such horrendous incidents there are enough […]

The Adventures of Lily and Nutmeg

  To say the newest additions to the farm are busy would be an understatement.  Each day we spend time walking through the field together and today I decided to bring a camera with me to capture some of their antics. It didn’t take long. For the first time they discovered the ramp into […]

The Store Has Moved

Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets is home!  My home that is.  And we are open for business.   2626 Shepherds Mill RoadBerryville, Virginia 22611

 We are open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 – 6:00 Tito enjoys napping on the checkout counter


Midas The Store Cat

When I moved Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets to my home this week I had to make new accommodations for our store cat Midas.  He is FIV positive and has been living as the only cat in the original store since showing up as a stray a couple years ago.  I cannot bring him inside […]

Pet Treats From China

There are class action law suits being filed by pet owners whose dogs have been harmed by chicken jerky treats made in China.  Now there is a possible link between other China imported pet treats and illness. 

Check out this article

Before you buy any pet treats look for the country where they are made.  […]

A Summer Storm

We had quite a storm blow through last night that left the pasture littered with tree branches.  A large piece of a maple tree took down part of the fence and landed on the goat house.  I was concerned when I couldn’t get to the door but Lily and Nutmeg met me at the other end of […]

Lily and Nutmeg

Meet the newest residents at my Peaceable Kingdom – brother and sister Nubian kids Lily and Nutmeg.  Magic and Trinken are very curious about the new arrivals.  The sound of the kids crying for their bottles brings Trinken running from wherever she is grazing in the pasture. 


Horse Love

This evening I was massaging my donkey Jill when Triken, my 28 year old horse, came over to receive her share of the love.  Jill moved away, since Trinken is the “alpha” of our herd.  I massaged Trinken until my arms tired and then sat down on the 4×4 at the entrance to the […]